Why Go Keyless For Your Home On Rent?

You are a home owner and it is your duty to look after your home. Your tenants will not reach the home on time as you do. But, it doesn’t mean that you will wait for them, so that you can open the main gate of the house for entry. So, just go keyless. 

Save yourself from lockout – No keys are needed in case of keyless locks, so it implies that you will not be locked out. These digital door locks Australia are very significant for those tenants who have kids. It is a fact that kids will not take the keys with them when they will go out for playing. So, if the kids are locked out, then the home’s owner has to open the door. Keyless locks will solve such problems.

When you will have keyless locks, like a thumbprint door lock, in home, the tenants as well as their kids have to enter the home just by typing a security code or by their fingerprints. It is that easy. You can tell your new tenants about such a great facility while giving your home’s first floor on rent. Even when you will stay outdoors, your tenants can easily step inside the home by using the facility of keyless locks. But, you should change the security code of your keyless locks when your old tenants will leave. 

Things to know – A simple lock is not enough to keep your home secure. Burglars, intruders and so on can enter your home just by breaking the simple locks or they can open the locks by using a duplicate key. If more cases of burglary are happening in your area, then you must use keyless locks in your home. It is not at all easy for an unknown person to guess the security code that you use to unlock the keyless locks. You can put keyless locks on the main gate and on the backdoor of your home too. Only a few people will think of putting a keyless lock on the backdoor. Sometimes, extra level of security is significant. 

A fact – A pin code is used in keyless locks. You can easily change the pin code online. And you can set the pin code for a limited time period. If your tenants or relatives are living in your home for two years, then you can set the changed security code for only 2 years. You may have to change your home’s ordinary lock whenever your tenant moves to another home.