Turn Your City House Into An Oasis Of Peace Suing A Simple Panel Wall

Houses and high traffic urban areas don‘t mix that well. Although in theory it sounds like the best idea seeing how you can have both a great living space, a garden and live close to the hustle and bustle of the city. Privacy on the other hand is not something people living in such a house have too much of. This is even truer if you have one or more apartment blocks erected next to the house. Learn more from this great site.

However, nowadays there are several ways of getting some of that privacy back and one of those ways is installing commercial fencing. Although the name says fence it’s actually more than that. This type of fence is actually made for metal panels which can vary in height that are stuck to one another in order to create an opaque perimeter. 
Installing a privacy filter around your house
The main reason for commercial fencing is getting some privacy, however the main concern of people is that it would feel too much like an enclosed space. This is one of the biggest misconceptions. The panels can be easily turned into a green wall if you plant some hedges or any other green plants that can climb the panel. So basically this is a win-win situation. 
Another thing about this type of fencing is that it is highly customizable when it comes to security measures. On of the crudest security add-ons is planting some barbed wire on the top edge of the panels, however that might be a little too much for a house in the city. Other than that you can install pressure and proximity sensors on the panels, surveillance cameras, lights and about any other thing you can imagine. However, you should first have the system designed first and then order the panels. Not all of them can handle additional weight form the devices.
Another advantage of these panels is that they can easily be installed anywhere, taken apart and moved. This is true for the lighter version panels. However seeing how you are surrounding your house you might want to go for the heavier version. Although the installation process is longer and more complicated and the overall solution will probably cost more it will be worth it since it will last a lot longer, offer better protection and you can add as many additional systems as you want.
Besides all of these advantages such a wall will also do a great job at keeping the house and estate protected from outside dust, noise and other factors. the vice versa goes as well.