The Ultimate Luxury Bath


When you come home after a hard day of work, you would love to have a dose of luxury at your bathing space. Today we are going to talk about just that. How you can jazz up your bathing experience simply by adding a luxury bathing tub.

You guessed it right; we are talking about the Jacuzzi. We have seen this epitome of luxury bathing in many movies and luxury hotels, but how about having one at your home? Sounds great! Such luxury bathing tubs could be installed at your place for a variety of purposes: simply for decorative purpose or for certain health benefits.

The name of this special kind of tub is actually of the corporation that manufactures it. The specialty of these bathing tubs is that they come with the facility of water jets that have massaging properties. So, you can enjoy your water massage as you soak into your hot bath tub.

Purpose served:

1. You could use these tubs for having a water therapy for relaxing your muscles. The water jets come at specific angles to soothe your muscles.

2. You could add it to create a spa like environment at home to have your personal pampering space. Put in some essential oils or aromatic oils and simply soak into the luxury.

3. Simply for fun! You could have a large tub for party purposes or simply to splash out with the kids and spend some great time playing with the water and spending good time.

4. If you have decided on the purpose that the tub would serve, it would be much easier to get the perfect type.


1. Whirlpool tub: these tubs come with pressure jets incorporated in them. Both air and water are ejected through these jets for a relaxing massage that would go deep into your tissues. So, it works to heal you. The more the number of jets, the more ethereal your bathing experience becomes.

2. Steam shower tub: it comes with the same benefit but the additional benefit is that you have a stream of steaming water caressing your body. This helps to open up the pores, so that you come out all glowing!

3. Air bath whirlpool: if you are not comfortable with jest of water aimed at you, then the air would do the trick. The tubs come with an airflow system installed, which creates soothing currents in the water.

4. Heated water model: this is just an extension to the water and air jet models. The additional feature is the heating. So, both the air and water that comes in the form of a jet is heated. Nothing sounds better than a relaxing hot bath!
So, go ahead and get yourself the ultimate bathing luxury!