The Silver Spoon Myth

When you see successful people you always think that they had a tough life growing up because they went through some early hardship on their life. That isn’t always the case; people have this misconception that if you grew up in a wealthy family with everything handed to you on a silver platter that your life basically takes care of its self. In reality the so called “spoiled” kids still have to put in the hours and hard work just like everybody else in order to achieve success. 

Just because the person grew up with fancy toys and leather lounges in Gold Coast does not mean that they got their degrees and financial success from that. Some of them get cut off from their parents as soon as they graduate and have to achieve what they parents achieved in the same fashion. People don’t give them the credit they deserve because of this. They feel that did not have to work as hard or struggle as hard as the disadvantaged people growing up because they had more luxuries than them. In truth it just sounds better because of where the previously disadvantaged person came from and what he had to do in order to achieve his success. In some cases the wealthier of the two has to work harder than the other because they have to prove a point to everyone else that they are not riding on their parents’ success and what to achieve greatness all by themselves. It is harder for these kinds of kids because people always tend to favour the individual with the harder upbringing in terms of university selection or jobs that they are both being considered for.

Whether or not you have grown up with big swimming pools and Italian leather lounges you shouldn’t be evaluated on what kind of upbringing you had but rather be judged as an individual and kind of person you have become because of your given situation. It always admirable to see a previously disadvantaged human being perform on equal terms than that of someone who was fed with a silver spoon but they will come a point in their lives where they will have to be judged on equal terms than rather on what kind of upbringing they had.

The person who had a wealthier upbringing though should not take advantage of their family status and be humble when moving forward in life. The same could be said with the not so wealthy, they should let anything hold them back.