The Miracle Of Elbow Grease: How To Keep A Neat Pad

One of the biggest problems that young adults face when they first move out is that their living space soon becomes incredibly dirty. Most of the time, this is because young adults never do any of the chores around the house while they live under their parents’ roof. Sure, they may wash up and do the dishes after dinner now and then, but anything beyond that (like scrubbing the toilet or even vacuuming the rooms) is firmly the parents’ domain. If they were lucky enough to have domestic help, some young adults have never held a broom or duster in their life. If you too have this problem, don’t despair – it’s not completely your fault. However, it is up to you to remedy that and learn how elbow grease will save the day.

Bathrooms and Toilets

This is the one area that needs to be absolutely clean. You can get away with a messy and dirty bed room; the bathroom is a big no-no. For the floor, you will need tile cleaning in North Sydney solution, a scrub brush and a mop or wiper to remove excess water. Some people simply use a generic solution but it’s better to get a specialized one because they can remove even the most stubborn stains. Dirt tends to get into the grout lines in between the tiles so a scrub brush is essential in getting them out. It’s also important to remove excess water by mopping it up or wiping it down because puddles will dry and leave marks on the floor. Clean once a week.

Living Area

This depends largely on how often you use it and how big it is. Paradoxically, the more often you use it, the less you have to dust because the dust never settles – literally. This is why older and less used houses often have dust covers over their furniture. Light dusting every day will be enough to keep the sofas and armchairs looking new, while vacuuming or sweeping once every 3-5 days will be enough to keep everything neat and organized. Once a month however, it is advisable to get someone for reliable upholstery cleaning so that all your covers get a proper wash and dry.

Bedroom and Other Sleeping Areas

No matter where you sleep, your sheets have to be freshly laundered every 2 weeks. Otherwise, your pillows and sheets will have their fill of dead skin cells, dust and other random fluff which will build up to cause allergies. Sweep the underneath of your bed to prevent dust mites and bed bugs. Do not leave dirty clothes lying around as the smell can get pretty bad. Also, it is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.