Saving Money Buying Carpets

How can buy carpets on a budget? Find out below!

  • Go with the hardier carpets – hardier carpets last longer and are more resistant to damage, so if you are working on a budget, it might be a good idea to go with these types of carpets. Instead of buying the expensive nylon carpets, you can consider buying the hardy Berbers that are made of the inexpensive olefin fibre.
  • Buy carpets in the inventory – when visiting stores that sell carpets and rugs (or even online stores), you might notice that, most of the time, there are a bunch of tapestries that seem to have been sitting in the shops for quite a long time. The carpets that the store is currently in possession of are the inventory goods, and most of the time, these were bought in bulk and at a lower price. This means that buying one of these inventory carpets – as opposed to ordering a brand-new carpet – will significantly cost you less. Most of them still come with guarantees and other warranty options, so you do not have to worry about that either. Furthermore, you might also find ‘remnants’ of carpets (that is, the carpet pieces that remain after a roll is installed in a room). These are discounted, and if you have a particularly small room, you might find that these remnants can still fit your room easily.
  • Check the second-quality carpets – and whilst you are checking out the inventory goods, it might be a good idea to also look into the ‘seconds’. These are not second-hand goods that were already used; in fact, they are brand new. The only issue is that these floor rugs Australia’ dying process somehow went wrong, and their colour is a bit different from the original sample. This means that they cannot be sold to customers who order from the sample – but besides the colour, they have no fault whatsoever. If you do not mind the colour, you can often order these seconds at a lesser price, so it is a good way to save money!
  • Invest in a good underpad – when buying carpets, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to buy a good underpad to reduce the wearing down of the carpet. A good underpad can easily increase the lifespan of even a low-quality carpet. This is why most experts recommend you to shell out more bucks on the underpad than on the carpet. If you do not have enough money to spend on a good underpad, you can also consider buying an all-in-one carpet. These feature both the carpet and the underpad, and are significantly cheaper (not to add, they are also easier to install!).