The Various Methods To Clean Your Carpet

Having carpets in the room gives it a sophisticated look.  But maintaining the carpets is a tough job.  Many are not aware of the correct way to clean carpets.  This article will help you to know about the different methods used for carpet cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning the carpet will prolong its life. In order to remove the dirt and grime off the carpet, you should use a high-powered vacuum cleaner and pass it over the carpet slowly to get good results.

You can shampoo your carpet to get rid of the dust and grime.  First the carpet is sprayed with a shampoo and then a floor machine is run over it.  The shampoo absorbs the dirt, and then the carpet is left for drying. After drying it becomes brittle and the any leftover dust or dirt is vacuumed out. The carpet dries within an hour if this technique is followed.

Steam carpet cleaning is another popular method that is followed.  The professional carpet steam cleaners in Adelaide will sprayed on the carpet and this solution extracts the dirt particles from the carpet and then the carpet is steam cleaned by a powerful machine.  Carpets take 10 -20 hours for drying in this method.

In ‘powder cleaning’ method the carpet is sprinkled with slightly wet powder which is then agitated into the carpet.  Then when the carpet is dry, the powder is extracted from the carpet by vacuuming it. The drying time taken is about one hour.

The other easy method to clean the carpet is ‘bonnet cleaning’.  In this method you sprinkle or apply a cleaning solution on the carpet to extract the dirt and dust from it.  This solution is then absorbed by using cotton cleaning pads which are attached to a cleaning machine and run over the carpet.  In this method the carpets take about two hours to dry.

You have to choose the best carpet cleaning method that suits you.  The professional cleaners use the latest technology and equipment for cleaning carpets.

Tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide between the kitchen and bathroom tiles is a tough task.  This can be quickly done with and effective home steam cleaner. Grout can have bacteria and other dirty organisms.  The grout that builds up between the tiles can also break them and they are not hygienic. If grout cleaning is done regularly it increases the life of your tiles and also makes them look better.

The old method of cleaning grout with vinegar and baking soda with a stiff brush usually removes the grout.  But if this method does not work, strong cleaning solutions can be used to do the tile cleaning in Adelaide.  But these cleaning solutions are not good for the environment and that’s a cause for worry if you have children or pets in the house. You can use tree oil to clean the grout, but that requires patience.

A steam cleaner can be used by blasting scalding steam at high pressure to clean the surfaces.  The steam cleaner can loosen the dirt and stains and the heat destroys the organisms.  The tile will be cleaned in seconds. Steam cleaners can even clean upholstery, blinds, carpets etc. efficiently.