Make A Beautiful Home With Special Slabs

Constructing a beautiful house is every person’s wish. It’s not just a desire but also a challenge to build a splendid house at an affordable cost. Many aspects of construction and design are to be given careful consideration. Choosing a right builder, high-quality materials, a good and functional design are of primary importance. For a beautiful and tough building that can withstand the struggles of the time, great care is to be taken from the very beginning. There are many factors that account for the longevity of the house, one of the most important being house slab concreting.

The process of creating a concrete slab is the process of laying a foundation or flooring of buildings during construction. It is done by pouring concrete directly on the ground. This is usually done in countries that have a warm climate. Have a peek at this website for in-depth reviews about concrete slab in Brisbane.

Types of Slabs

There are various types of slabs which are:

• Slabs with Foundation Walls: Walls are built around the edge of slabs to give them a solid and safer foundation; hence they are called foundation walls. The walls provide a strong support to the slabs. To provide additional support, the ground can be dug up further. 

• Monolithic Slabs: They are slabs combining footing instead of the latter being done separately. The advantage is that footing can be done simultaneously with the slab construction.

• Engineered Slabs: Also known as Post-Tensioned Slabs, engineered slabs are a kind of monolithic slabs that use steel cables that run through them. These slabs are stronger and crack-resistant.

• Floating Slabs: They are so called because they “float” on the base. It is made using the plastic sheet that is placed between the gravel and concrete. It helps in keeping out any moisture.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Slabs

While concreting is a tough task compared to wooden flooring, it is perhaps the only option in some countries. Here is a list of the pros and cons of using concrete in constructing houses. Read and decide for yourself if this is what you’ll be happy with. If you want to know more ideas about concreting service you can go right here for details.

• Strength and Durability: Concrete has the strength to withstand rough treatment. It is undoubtedly more durable than any other material. However, if not constructed properly, concrete can be the cause of cracks and holes in the flooring.

• Esthetics: Concrete has not a single beauty factor to its name. It is bland and ugly. However, you can style your concrete floors by laying beautiful tiles or getting the floors carpeted.

• Insulation: House slab concreting does not possess the virtue of providing warmth in cold weather nor coolness under high temperatures which means that it is a conductor of heat. Temperature can be regulated by using alternative methods of using electrical appliances.