Let There Be Light

Outdoor entertainment areas can be dark and dingy places if you have the roof covered with corrugated iron, you will need lighting and light coloured tables and chairs, just to keep the gloom at bay. If however you get laserlite roofing then you will have an abundance of light and warmth, to make those outdoor parties a lovely occasion. The roofing sheets are profiled in either corrugated or Greco (which is a square profile) so you can choose which sort will go with the roofing on your house and they look like clear plastic sheets. There are various colours to choose from though nothing to out there it is more like cream, another shade of cream and some grey shades, very toned downed affairs. This is however more to do with the function of the sheeting than a lack of imagination in the colour department.
Laserlite is designed to keep out 99.9% of UV rays and depending on what type you get the can either keep the heat out or let it in. This will depend greatly on which area you wish to have the sheets installed, whether it is for general roofing purposes such as your carport, shed roofs and sky lights or for pergola and patio or roof sheeting. Each roofing project will have its own requirements and it is best to talk to the dealer to get some expert advice on which type to get for your individual needs, having the wrong sort installed can make your area extremely uncomfortable. If covering an outdoor area that you are going to be using for entertaining then having roofing that lets the heat in can be a miserable experience in summer, everyone will be sweating and complaining about the heat, if however you get the heat reflective laserlite then the area will be cool and an enjoyable place to hang out.
Well except for the flies but that is a whole different solution, these roofing panels can also be used as cladding, so you could use some of these as walls around your outdoor area and block out some of those pesky insects. When having the polycarbonate roof sheets the roof has to have a 5 degree pitch, otherwise when it rains, the water can get caught up in the overlap and leak, making the whole exercise a waste of time and they come in various sizes and most companies will cut the sheets to your size requirement. They can come in 1.8 meter lengths up to 7.2 meter lengths. Big enough for any home job or commercial application, it is a great solution to letting some light into a dark area within the home and if your house is a bit chilly even in summer then getting a skylight that lets in both the light and the heat is an inexpensive answer to your problem. Just ring up the nearest dealer and they can give you the solution you are looking for.