Keep Safe Your Property With Professional Rendering

There are many changes that have come up during the recent years offering wide range of finishes and treatments for your exterior walls. Rendering is one such latest technique to give a different look to the exterior of your house.

Rendering is the process of applying cement to brick or concrete walls to give it smooth texture or surface. It is also called solid plastering. Rendering can be carried out on any surface be it earth, stone or bricks, it can also be applied on wooden ceilings and partitions. The rendered wall should always be maintained to avoid any cracks and penetration of damp through the render and into the house.

Cement, sand makes the render strong and hard while lime is used for its elasticity. All these ingredients help preventing cracks on the walls. Do not use soft and fine sand. Coarse sand can be used as it is suitable for all exteriors and give a smooth finish. Besides these three many other ingredients are also used to in the rendering process.

All structural defects and other repairs should be completed before the rendering process, or else it will affect the render finish. For house render many factors needs to be considered like age of the property, color, finish, condition of the wall, existing paint etc. The cost of rendering also depends upon these entire factors.

Basically there are three steps involved in rendering

1. Preparing the wall

2. Mixing plaster and render

3. Applying Render

Types of rendering

There are different types of rendering techniques providing traditional finishes and special finishes

Polymer Render: It is strong and flexible render giving a special finish.

Acrylic Render: It gives an attractive finish. It can be applied on new and existing render to enhance the appearance of the wall.
Lime Render: It gives a traditional finish and is suitable for old building.

Sand and Cement Render: It is harder and stronger render than lime render. It also helps in preventing penetration damp.

There are many experienced and professional renderer providing effective services. Render acts as a perfect protection for the walls. They are weather resistant, durable and have high performance and low maintenance. It gives decorative finish to the walls and at the same time also strengthens them. Selecting an expert professional is very important as they can understand the requirement and work on the walls accordingly. There are many versatile and flexible renders available for the basecoat, topcoat, stipple coat and monocouche render. This helpful site helps you to find a well experienced and well trusted when it comes to rendering that can meet your expectations.

Different finishing effects can be achieved using render. The most popular are Trowel finish, Pattered finish, Sponge finish, textured finish etc. People prefer to use render to change the look and feel of their house. It also keeps the house protected from wind, sun and rain giving a beautiful look to the walls.