Having Trouble Planning An Outdoor Themed Wedding?

Weddings are like a combination of magic and love, a day on which the dream you’ve spun with threads of blissful imagination, becomes an ecstatic reality. And what better way to make this occasion more beautiful than, with a sprinkle of spring flowers, the exchange of Vows right below a canopy of blue skies and the chirping of birds to make it all more charming? If you’re a fan of having an outdoor wedding and planning one seems to be more time consuming than choosing your man itself, here is a few flowery ideas to help you out.

Raw And Rustic.

Now who doesn’t like a touch of country side with the strumming of a guitar in one corner, brown hats bobbing up and down, synchronising with the beautiful country music? You can go all Barn style, with barrels for tables, salmon pink vintage flowers and Mason jars adorning them. Make sure to get the decoration right when you’re browsing for dining chairs sale in Melbourne. Rummage the basement at your grandma’s house, I’m sure you’ll find inspirations for a few elegant antique arrangements.

Lights and Lanterns.

From stunning fairy lights to gigantic mesmerizing chandeliers, your choice of lights are important, to remind how much brightness this day can bring into your life. So include lanterns with flowers, decorate them on trees and place wooden rustic inspired lanterns on tables to make your guests go wow when they’re dining from the Louis dining chair. Just pick your theme be it pumpkins and berries or lavenders and bougainvillea, and add in the Lanterns in aisles and backdrops whether it’s in a garden or backyard.

Swings and Spring Flowers.

I’m sure the five year old in you is definitely going to do a happy dance at this idea. I mean who said swings belonged in parks? They sure did at weddings too, and when they’re hanging from a tree with flower twigs holding them, you would want to pinch yourself to believe you’re still not in heaven. Match your theme colour to the blooms you’ll incorporate in your swing and try going with a variety of eye catching ones. You can use the swing for amazing portraits and even to display food and drinks.

Feathers and Pearls.

After all it’s an outdoor themed wedding, one appreciating the nature and taking advantage of it to explore and gauge the surreal beauty of it. Add more charm into this splendid day by using feathers and Pearls and give it the soft and glorious look it needs. Choose the type, if you want it simple and minimalistic, then opt for pretty white feathers or if you’re going to throw colours like Confetti then go with turquoise blue and give it a peacock theme. Add them in to your headwear and Bouquets and go wild for your wedding.

Berries and Grapes.

How about some fruity goodness and a cocktail of berries and pumpkins in your wedding? I mean it’s outdoor so there’s got to be a pinch of wild berries and chocolate fountains with strawberries decorating them. This is probably a great way to have bit of zest and taste and come on, fruits are healthy and undeniable so pretty too, especially when they’re in cakes and whipped cream! Incorporate fruits in to your table runners and print them in your invitations. From fresh peaches to red apples pick your colour and choose them Wise.