Functionality, Comfort And Safety In The Office

Most of us find that we tend to be stationary for more than eight hours a day, often in a seated position at office. That does not sound very healthy when reading out loud, especially when research suggests that the human body is not made for sitting in one position for long. Though sitting requires less energy, it places a lot of stress on the lumbar region of the body. Therefore one can appreciate the importance of a well designed seating arrangement, that does very little or no damage to our bodies over a certain period of time.

A functional design and a setup that supports the individuals that use them is very important as work related injuries and related costs keep rising every day. Resent medical findings also suggest that lower back pain is the most common issue faced by working individuals globally. Therefore science and designers globally have placed a heavy importance on designing functional, safe and comfortable workspaces and equipment that directly impact on the levels of productivity as well. An ergonomic chair is such a functional design that has been created for that specific purpose. They are said to be developed to suit different types of people. So just because a chair is labelled as such, it might not mean that it will suit you.  Therefore when selecting such a seating arrangement, it is important to consider the following;

When selecting a chair, one must not pick on in isolation, the chair will directly relate to the surrounding environment and the type of work the person does, therefore the surrounding working environment needs to be considered. Visit for further information regarding eames lounge chair.

As I mentioned earlier, one size does not fit all, therefore the user’s body weight, height and overall dimensions need to be considered in purchasing such a chair. This is important, because while a certain chair might support the lumbar area, it might put a stain on another area of the body if physical dimensions are not considered.

One chair will most definitely not suit all occupations, for an example a dentist’s chair would greatly differ from a chair used by a computer operator.

Maintenance is important, and since these chairs don’t come cheap, one needs to consider spares and manufactures’ guarantees or solutions of after sales service.


When it comes to functional design, a brand that is most talked of is the work chair Hong Kong, first designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in the 1990’s. It is also a design that is considered a work of art and displayed in America’s Museum of Modern Art to this day. After many years of refinement, this particular chair is now considered to provide comfort and support to eight different parts of the body.


Though there are many products labelled as ergonomic, it is important that customers invest in a product that has over 12 years experience in the industry with a uniquely iconic design. Another factor that needs to be considered is to follow instructions on how to use the said product. Because all the investment would be of little value if the chair is not used as it should.