For You Vitale Answers Some Of The Most Asked Questions

At Vitale, they have panels for your ceilings classified according to and representing various time periods in history, and inspired by how the ceilings of houses looked like back then. One such is Regency. This design has been taken form the English history dating back to the end of eighteenth century to mid nineteenth century. This style though is very magnificent in terms of detailing and styling yet never looked or seemed flashy. Instead has always looked stunning on ceilings. They come in various designs and you can choose the one for your home by looking at the collection Vitale holds. You can have it installed either in surface or flush mounted, whatever way you want it to be; the experts at Vitale can do it both ways. And you need not to worry about the look of your home, as they do look classy even in homes in the twenty-first century. We are best gyprock suppliers.

One of the Regency panels available at Vitale is CP2258; its dimensions are as follows: it is four thousand seven hundred millimeter long and two thousand four hundred millimeter wide. As you can see from the size, it is one of the biggest pieces of panel they have in store and therefore is ideal to have for rooms which are larger in size. Another panel from their collection is: CP2259 and it is one thousand millimeter long and wide. As it is smaller in size, it can be the go to option for most homes in today’s time, as today roofs are lower as compared to the past. And this panel would also fit perfectly in a small room as well due to its dimensions. drop-ceiling-tilesSome of the most asked questions are 

In any business or industry, it is of utmost important that queries and questions of the public are responded immediately. Vitale, also does the same, some of the most asked questions by customers have been answered by their team. To begin with, it has been often inquired as to where do they manufacture the molding. Well as they are established in Australia, all products that they produce are made at their site in Essendon in Victoria. Secondly, they are questioned about the quantity of products they keep in store.  

For all those curios minds, twenty to thirty pieces of all products are kept in stock, but the ones which are more popular ones consumer their quantity can raise up to fifty in number. And once a product goes out of stock, they make sure they have it within one weeks’ time. By chance if you order for a product which they do not have in stock, they will make sure to deliver it to you maximum within a fortnight. Moreover, even if you are not purchasing from their collection and you want them to make for you a ceiling panels in Melbourne pattern that you already have and is slightly damage, they will do it for you.